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Tracy Madison

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Harlequin Special Edition; Colorado Fosters #9
Release Date: 2018

When Laurel Rockwood returns to Steamboat Springs, CO, the plan is to help her aunt get back on her feet, and the minute--no, the second--that occurs, she'll be on her way. Sticking around any one place for very long is not how Laurel lives her life. It's exciting to change cities and jobs every few months, right?

Of course, living this way doesn't allow her the ability to really connect with anyone. And she prefers it that way, makes life much simpler and...safer.

But meeting Noah Hudson, the town veterinarian, makes Laurel realize that perhaps she's been missing out. There's a connection between them that...sizzles, yes, but goes much deeper. He feels like home. And that scares her, more than she can understand.

For Noah, he's pretty much raised his two younger siblings after his mother took off. What he feels for Laurel might be real, but investing in a woman who prefers to live her life on the run is not on his to-do list. Unfortunately, the heart wants what the heart wants, and his seems to want...her.

Finding the path toward each other, though, will take a lot of work, understanding, courage and trust.

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