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Harlequin Special Edition
Coming: Date currently unknown

We first met widower Parker Lennox and his adorable daughters, Erin and Megan, in REID'S RUNAWAY BRIDE, when he was stuck in the hospital after a skiing accident. Now, it's Parker's turn for a second chance at love. He meets the elementary school's pretty new music teacher, Nicole Bradshaw, in an unexpected way and is instantly aware of the fireworks between them.

Nicole feels the connection too, but she has scars that run deep and isn't quite sure if she's healed enough to go for her heart's desire. Or if she's even ready to try...

Harlequin Special Edition
Coming: June 2016

Andrea (Andi) Caputo comes to Steamboat Springs, CO, to recoup after a traumatic event that left her with two bullet wounds and a freight train of emotional pain. Here, in her aunt Margaret's home, she hopes to fully heal both her physical and emotional injuries.

The first will require months of physical therapy with the too-good-to-be-true, sexy and charming, Ryan Bradshaw. She can handle the attraction, but his kindness? His stubbornness? His refusal to let her live in the shadows? Those areas are proving awfully difficult to resist, as is the possibility of love.

In Andi, Ryan sees the real woman and not the shattered pieces she shows to the world. He is determined to bring her fully back into the light, one baby step at a time. And if he has his way about it, those steps will lead her directly into his arms.

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