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My June 2015 release is the fourth book in The Colorado Fosters series, Dylan's Daddy Dilemma. When Dylan Foster meets Chelsea Bell, the last thing on his mind is falling in love, but there's something about her he just can't resist. And for Chelsea...well, she doesn't trust people easily, especially where her young son, Henry, is concerned.

Each are committed to not falling for the other...but Henry has other ideas!

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RT BookReviews - 4.5 Stars!

"Madison’s narrative is deliciously descriptive, her tone is playful and edgy, and her characters wonderfully unpredictable. She gives readers an intimate look at her fantastic stars' realistic expectations and fears."



Summer became fall, and fall is slowly edging its way toward winter. Personally, I'm okay with that as I am a cool-weather sort of gal. I love the brisk air, getting ready for the holidays, and everything else that autumn brings our way. Pumpkin lattes and reading in front of the fireplace included!

This October also brought my twelfth novel to the shelves: ROCK-A-BYE BRIDE, and the up and down, sometimes rocky romance of Logan Daugherty and Anna Rockwood was a joy to write.

These two have a long road ahead of them, but in the end, their love for each other, their belief that they belong together, is the glue that binds them.

Enjoy the season, and of course...Happy Reading!


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My October 2015 release is the fifth book in The Colorado Fosters series, Rock-a-Bye Bride. When Logan Daugherty learns he's going to be a father, he proposes a temporary marriage to mother-to-be Anna Rockwood. This union is for their child's sake and neither have any wish to make their marriage a permanent state of affairs.

Of course, love hits them over the head and their neat and tidy plan falls to the wayside.

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RT BookReviews - 4.5 Stars!

"Madison’s latest is a superb Colorado tearjerker with a down-on-her-luck heroine and a fix-it fanatic hero. The family dynamics and realistic characters are remarkable. The phenomenal, show-stealing tyke and amazing ending make this a keeper."

RT BookReviews - 4.5 Stars and a TOP PICK!

"Madison’s second-chance romance is a pulse-pounding page-turner. Her intuitive hero and wary heroine are fantastically convincing as they discover they are equally at fault for their problems, and the little nieces and canine co-stars are adorable." 

RT Nominee for Best Harlequin Special Edition - 2014!


The third book in The Colorado Fosters series, Reid's Runaway Bride, centers on Reid Foster and his absolute, soul-deep certainty that Daisy Lennox is the only woman for him. The fact that Daisy ran away from their first wedding doesn't stop Reid from planning a second wedding within days of Daisy's return to Steamboat Springs.

Of course, this is news to Daisy!